Proof of Concept: ENS Records on Base Network

This guide explains how to manage ENS records on OP-Chains (Base).

We'll demonstrate using the domain baseresolver.eth on the Base network. Below are screenshots for each step:

Step 1: Edit Your ENS Resolver

Edit your ENS resolver to use the address 0xCFe9d61CA7f91d738A8d0685346226bC8DD61Fa9.

Step 2: Obtain ENS Node/Namehash

Use this website to get your ENS node/namehash for baseresolver.eth.

Step 3: Switch Network to Base

Switch to the Base network and interact with the contract using this link.

Step 4: Initiate Transactions to Add ENS Records

In the example below, I am adding the address record and the twitter text record. Use the node/namehash you obtained in step 2

Step 5: Verify Domain Resolution

After the Base transactions are confirmed, check your domain using the ENS app.

Step 6: Domain Resolution on Wallets

Your ENS name now resolves on ENS enabled wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust wallet & Uniswap Wallet.